Creating a Purusha Academy for Australia

Navaratri 15-24 October Purusha-led World Peace Assembly

Navaratri World Peace Assembly

for men Governors/Sidhas

Celebrate Navaratri

Experience the total value of Maha, ‘the greatness of the goal’

and enjoy universality in our individuality, creating coherence for Australia

  • A fantastic opportunity for profound wisdom
  • A wonderful restful boost to our evolution
  • Charming country environment, wonderful food, lovely walk and talks
  • Relax near forest and beach with kangaroos, horses, birds and ducks.

****Enjoy the testimonials below!****

Click here for video of the beautiful location here (Purusha promo video). 

Course options: 

  • WPA course from 15-21 October $890 (1 week)     Limited rooms available. Book on link below
  • WPA course from 15-24 October $1270 (full 9 days) 



For Navaratri, here is a quote from Maharishi on Mahalakshmi, an integral aspect of the 9 days:

‘Mahalakshmi: the first syllable is Maha. Maha, great.

And this great in the context of education is the characteristic of consciousness.

This Maha is the goal of anyone who is not yet Maha. So, Maha.

Goal is the meaning of the word Laksha… Laksha means the goal (Maha means unbounded, infinite, immortal, eternal, Brahm, Totality, whole). Maha is the goal of that which is not Maha.

The goal of Maha is to swing in his greatness. It should be a living reality. That the unbounded does not remain only silent. But in that silence, there should be lively all possibilities.

So, the Laksha, the goal, the goal of Maha is to have many in its unified wholeness. And the goal of that what is not Maha, the goal of small is to be big and the goal of big is to swing in its own expressions. Infinity wants to flow from one end of infinity to the other end of infinity and it’s flowing, it divides itself, it quantifies itself, it qualifies itself. So it is the qualification which makes one look to the goal.’

– Maharishi

We will celebrate Navaratri and dive deep into pure consciousness and experience the total value of Maha, ‘the greatness of the goal’ to live universality in our individuality. A fantastic opportunity, a huge boost in our evolution to expand our awareness to last months and years.