Creating a Purusha Academy for Australia

Goal for Australia

Our goal for Australia is to establish a Purusha group on the south coast of NSW creating coherence in collective consciousness near to the decision making halls of power in Canberra and by being equidistant from the main population centers of Sydney and Melbourne to exert sufficient coherence to maintain a positive level of coherence for the whole nation.

  • Key points

  • Proximity to Canberra, equidistant to Sydney and Melbourne
  • A vastu academy – buildings in accord with natural law
  • A beautiful isolated location, focus on enlightenment
  • Ayurveda – Panchakarma clinic to revitalise and rejuvenate


Rapid Spiritual Development in a Beautiful Environment

Every aspect of the Purusha Academy will be designed for maximum comfort and rapid development of higher states of consciousness.

In a unique atmosphere of Himalayan spirituality with high standards of comfort, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy the wonderful oasis of serenity, bubbling bliss and rising waves of Enlightenment created by Purusha.

The joy of dining with old and new friends, the wonderful videos of Maharishi, the pure country air and the long practice of the TM® and TM-Sidhi® program will contribute to create an unforgettable course experience of rejuvenation and a blossoming of higher states of consciousness.

The Academy

This will be  a permanent home for Purusha in Australia.

We have identified land on the south coast of NSW which is on rural property bordered by a very large national park, in walking distance from a beautiful isolated beach fronting the Pacific Ocean.

The weather in this location is well known as being the most temperate climate in Australia, with no hot summers and  no cold winters.

Merimbula Beach in proximity to proposed academy

Silent Administration of Natural Law

One important purpose of the Purusha Capital is to enliven the Silent AdministrationSM of Natural Law throughout the world and to inspire new Purusha groups in every country. To help accomplish these goals Maharishi established a program for 192 Purusha to take responsibility for enlivening Natural Law in one of the 192 countries of the world through their silent attention on the country.

Evidence-based practice (TM and TM-Sidhis) to unfold higher consciousness is integral to Purusha program.

Creating Coherence for Australia  and Canberra, equidistant from large populations centers of Sydney and Melbourne

The establishment of the Purusha Academy near the nation’s capital brings fulfillment to Maharishi’s formula for creating coherence and invincibility in Australia through a group of Yogic Flyers. By awakening the home of all the laws of nature through group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, we invoke the evolutionary power of nature to create peace, happiness and Enlightenment in ourselves and in society.

Merimbula township

Additional –

Daily flights from to Merimbula from Sydney and Melbourne

Organic food, medical support, transport, shopping, community facilities, beaches, forests.

Ideal retirement facility

Proximity to Canberra which has advanced medical support, government access, etc