Creating a Purusha Academy for Australia

Business Plan


Business Plan

We are grateful for our corporate advisors and well wishers. This is a dynamically developing plan and is progressing rapidly over time. Investors who wish to updated on the most current situation can contact Purusha Admin here.

The stages of this plan include to date;
1. Land has been identified which is suitable for a Purusha vastu Academy north of Merimbula. Cost details for serious investors are available on enquiry here.

Currently Pacific Purusha are living in a house on the same property.

2. Vastu experts have been consulted and the land portion is suitable for vastu construction

3. Commenced design process with Vastu consultants.

4. Hold discussions with competent construction companies to cost out the planned dwelling which compose the Academy.

5. Design a funding program which includes all interested parties who can support through donations, investment and loan arrangements

6. Ground breaking according to vastu and commence construction.

7. On completion of construction and Purusha are all focussed on Maharishi’ coherence creating program, build gardens designed according to vastu for maximum health and aesthetics including organic vegetables, herbs, aromatherapy, and vastu designations.


Return on investment

Maharishi’s lay out the principle of giving from the beginning of starting his world wide movement. ‘In order to receive one must first give’ was and is a paradigm for interpersonal relations, for overall orientation in life. When people meet to give and be generous to each other, no matter what is given, then everyone receives. When people connect for the purpose of receiving, then noone receives.

In the context of investing in programs and projects which are intended to raise the standard of life and level of consciousness in a society, there is a collective gain which is actually measurable. The standard parameters which are measured in every society relate to crime, violence, accidents, health, creativity, abundance or poverty, and so on. The research on the effect of coherence creating programs always nourish the population on these measures. Support and investment on coherence creating programs returns manifold to the investor in his professional, social, and personal life.

  • Spiritual growth
  • Center of wisdom
  • Growth in collective consciousness
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced accidents
  • Increased health – reduced hospital admissions